Fancloud is a sports news aggregator designed to make commentary from sports journalists more accessible to the public. Established to filter increasingly voluminous amounts of content being generated by sites such as Twitter, Fancloud focuses on improving the quality of the information readers receive. Content on Fancloud includes top stories and tweets from beat writers as well as national sources and covers the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and NCAA sports. A special tab is devoted specifically to rumors for those fans who love the inside scoop.

Using proprietary algorithms, Fancloud sorts a never-ending Twitter stream written by more than 2,500 sportswriters according to sport, team, player, league, or particular team matchup. Only those items that are newsworthy appear on Fancloud, eliminating the need for the reader to sort through tons of non-relevant material. By reducing the signal-to-noise ratio of content, the site enhances fans’ enjoyment of their favorite sports.

In order to provide better service to readers, Fancloud has developed apps for iPhone and Android devices. This capability allows fans to view commentary in real time as they watch games.


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